Europe and Russia

Winter 2013:

Europe and Russia Packet (Includes Unit Plan, Country Assignments, Day in a Life Project, List of Map ID's and Current Event Project.  See me for a copy of Europe and Russia maps)

Russia Became Communist
Russia Becomes Communist PPT
Life under Stalin's Communism Reading
Standard of Living Packet
Fall of the USSR and Communism (link has Class Notes and Conflict in the Balkans Rdg)
Fall of Communism PPT
The European Union and A New Eastern Europe Notes. 
Balkanization Notes (see me to see the movie at lunch or after school.  Plan on about 15 minutes)

Culture Day Notes
Europe and Russia Class Notes/Study Guide

Fall 2012 Europe and Russia Materials:

Important Dates:
Day in the Life/Current Event Projects are due September 28/October 1st
Unit 2 Europe and Russia Test: Oct. 2/3

Class Materials:
Europe and Russia Map (see me in class for this)
Europe's Timeline (I've included the notes we took on this in class)
European Regions Homework (Fill out using the textbook)
Day in the Life Project (with example included!)
Current Events Project

Old Winter 2012 Class Materials

Unit 3 Plan

Unit 3 Projects

Current Event Project
Theme Project for Europe and Russia

Unit 3 In Class Activities/Notes/Assignments:

Day 1: We filled out the "Lecture Notes on Communism and Russia" with our Day 1 PPT (find PPT below)
Day 2: We worked on Day 2 Notes: Eastern Europe, Fall of the USSR and The Balkan Conflict.  Use the Day 2 PPT (found below) to help fill in this note sheet. 
Day 3: We worked on the assignment packet Day 3: Standard of Living and the European Union.  Use these notes to help fill in the first page, then work on the next two pages at home using your book.  You will need to see the pictures in class to fill in the final page titled Standard of Living Picture Wall.
Day 4: We filled out the Day 4 Notes during class and discussed the review for the test.  Fill in the first page of the Day 4 Notes (the second page is the review) by using the Day 4 PPT below.


Day 1 PPT Communism and Russia
Day 2 PPT Fall of Communism and Balkanization
Day 4 PPT with Test Review