Latin America

Winter 2013: 

Latin America Packet
       -Latin America Unit Plan
       -See me for a copy of your maps and your country assignment)
       -See the tab "Forms/Project Instructions" for your Day in a Life Project and Current Event Project

LA Physical Geography and History Notes
Physical Geography and History PPT
Natural Disaster Notes
Natural Disaster PPT
Culture Day Notes
Culture PPT
Movement and Mexican Drug Cartel Notes
Mexican Drug Cartel Video

Latin America Class Notes Sheet with the Study Guide

Fall 2012 Latin America Class Materials:

Latin America Cover Sheet, Country Assignments, Day in a Life Project and Current Event Project

Physical Features and History PPT
Physical Features, History and Guns, Germs and Steele Notes
Population Pyramid Notes
Natural Disasters PPT
Natural Disasters Notes 
Articles for Natural Disasters Notes: Indonesian ArticleHelping Hands Haiti ArticleHaiti vs. Chili ArticleJapanese Article
U6 Class Notes Packet Sheet

Old Winter 2012 Class Materials:

Unit 2 Plan

Unit 2 Projects:
Theme Project for Latin America (Click here for an example of the Theme Project)
Current Event

In Class Notes/Activities/Assignments:
Intro to L.A.: What do you know about Latin America?L.A. Maps, Graphs and Charts, and Map 
Identification/Latin American Maps (You will need to print this map page twice to fulfill the assignment.)

Day 1: Guns, Germs and Steel Worksheet and Essay (Click here to go to a page that has all of the clips for the Guns, Germs and Steel movie.  On that page you will find the links for Guns, Germs and Steel parts 1-6.  Watch all of these to complete the worksheet and essay.)

Day 2: Guided Notes and Group Natural Disaster Assignment, Migration Article (Homework)

Day 3:  I handed out the following homework: Mexican Drug Cartels

Day 4: Movement and Mexican Drug Cartels (this is the packet we filled out as we rotated between different stations).  Other things you need to fill out this packet are: Station 1(1st Article and 2nd Article), Station 2 (Population Instruction paper and Population Pyramids)

Day 2 PPT: History, Physical Geography and Natural Disasters