Winter 2013 Sub-Saharan Africa Class Materials:

Africa Unit Plan

UN Letter Research Project

European Colonization of Africa Notes
United Nations and Africa PPT
United Nations and Africa Notes
Overview of African Conflicts Reading HW
Armed and Underage Article
Nelson Mandela Article 

Africa Study Guide and Class Notes Packet

Old Winter 2012 Class Materials:

Unit Plan for Africa

Africa Project:

Africa Research Assignment/UN Letter (this replaces the Current Event/Theme Project for Africa)
Country Assignments: 2nd Period, 3rd Period 

In Class Notes/ Handouts/Assignments:

Africa Maps, Graphs and Charts and Africa Map ID (see me in person for the Africa Maps)
Day 1: We handed out the Unit Plan, our African Research Assignment and our "Colonialism and Colonial Fallout" Notes
Day 2:  Africa Research Assignment (the full packet) and Africa Notes Packet.  We watched a segment of Hotel Rwanda.