Intro Unit

Winter 2013:

Unit 1 Plan
Island Project

PowerPoint of 5 Themes of Geography/Mapping/Longitude and Latitude
5 Themes of Geography Note Sheet
Location, Location, Location Notes
Latitude and Longitude Homework Practice and U.S. Map
Forces of Change Notes
Forces of Change PPT
Regions Notes
Regions PPT
Culture Chart Notes
Culture PPT
Cultural Diffusion Article on Iraqi youth
Politics Textbook Reading HW (Use your textbook or Click here for pg. 101 and click here for page 102.)
Economics PPT
Economics Packet

Intro Unit Class Notes Packet

Fall 2012:
Unit 1 Plan
Unit 1 Project: Island Project
Class Materials/PowerPoints:
PowerPoint of 5 Themes of Geography/Mapping/Longitude and Latitude
5 Themes of Geography Note Sheet
Note Sheet for Location/Mapping/Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude Homework Practice and U.S. Map
Forces of Change/Landforms
Regions Notes
Political Systems Note Sheet
Political Systems PowerPoint
Economics Packet
World Populations (this is only the first page, come see me to get the second page!)
5 Stages of Populations Reading (helps you fill in the chart on the back of your Population notes)
Unit 1 Class Notes Assignment Sheet
Study Guide (Review Sheet) for the Unit 1 Test

Old Winter 2012 Class Materials: 

Unit 1 Plan

Unit 1 Assignment Sheet
Unit 1 Test Review
Map Pre-Test

Unit 1 Project:

Island Project
Island Project Help for Parts 3&4 

Notes for Textbook Reading:

-Reading Notes, pgs. 17-24
-Reading Notes, pgs. 34-40
-Reading Notes, pgs. 100-104
-Reading Notes, pgs. 70-74
-Reading Notes, pgs. 75-81

In Class Notes/In Class Activities:

-Day 2 Packet: Introduction to Geography Notes, 5 Themes of Geography AssignmentMap Skills 
             HandoutsTools of a Geographer
-Day 3: US Government System and Disclosure Debate
-Day 4: Landform Assignment and Forces of Change Assignment, Planet Earth Assignment
-Day 6: Analyzing Levels and Types of Governments and Geography Economics 101
-Day 7: Population Assignment, Extra Credit Migration Assignment
-Day 8: Culture Discussion Notes, Iraqi Youth Article, Iraqi Youth Questions


-Day 2: 5 Themes of Geography
-Day 3: Map Skills
-Day 8: Review Slides