Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14th

Journal Entry: Describe 3 interesting things you have learned so far about life in North Korea (see your movie notes from last class).
Current Event: Click here and summarize. 

Class Announcements:
-Turn in your textbooks ASAP
-If you have a C or below, you can come talk to me about your grade by MAY 17th and receive 5 points of extra credit. 
-Final Test: May 22nd
-Book Report Project due May 24th
-Last day to turn in any work from Term 4 is May 24th

We took our Asia Map Test.

We finished our Inside North Korea Movie. If you missed this, you will need to come in and view the movie at lunch or after school.   You can also find the video on Netflix.

-Day in a Life Project due next class!

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